Best Holiday Destinations in Asia

Take your family on holiday in Asia or head to these historic destinations with friends. No matter whom you travel with, Ab Travel & Tours has plenty of Asia travel packages to keep everyone happy. Indulge in authentic mouth-watering cuisine, learn about a traditional culture, and stand at the feet of remarkable temples. Cheap holidays to Asia have something to offer every type of traveller. Ab Travel & Tours always has holiday specials, so your next adventure to Asia always starts right here.

Exploring all that Hoydays in Bali have to offer is easy when you put on your adventure cap and keep an open mind.

When you get Singapore holiday deals there is plenty of money left to spend on shopping and fabulous restaurants.

Phuket holiday packages are an unparalleled jumping-off point for scuba diving, forest exploration, ziplining, and more.

Marvel at how such a grand city has managed to marry historic culture and modern architecture when you book Hong Kong holidays.

Holidays to Sri Lanka invite you to discover water rafting, wild elephants, and plenty of thrills.

There are much more distinations in Asia to Travel.

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